• Alden Ward

    Alden Ward

    A brilliant engineer who heads his own company, Warden Industries
  • Anne Kendaris

    Anne Kendaris

    A journalist looking for conspiracies to thwart and adventures to record
  • Ashley Wilhelm

    Ashley Wilhelm

    An irritable Minervan Guard Lieutenant
  • Bryant Colt

    Bryant Colt

    A muscled meathead who is quite skilled in a variety of weapons
  • Conell Fenric

    Conell Fenric

    The strongest member in the guild. Is placed on the highest priority of missions
  • Damon Vorce

    Damon Vorce

    A skilled swordsman within the guild. Helps at Warden Industries.
  • Devarja Mayeso

    Devarja Mayeso

    A fortune teller who aids the guild in matters that require a burst of power
  • Gavin Hershal

    Gavin Hershal

    Captain of a Minervan Guard Tower in the Aldejove, Callisto District
  • Leo Geberz

    Leo Geberz

    A hunter who works with the guild
  • Lori Orabela

    Lori Orabela

    A childhood friend of Maxwell and Jovan. She comes from a powerful family and intends to show them up
  • Nerys Atra

    Nerys Atra

    Granddaughter of Oracle Jayashri of The Guidance's Minervan sect
  • Reina Lin

    Reina Lin

    The receptionist at the Minervan Tan Suo guild headquarters
  • Viola


    A mysterious woman that seemed to be behind the child kidnappings in Minerva
  • Ylva Lycus

    Ylva Lycus

    The partner of Connell on all of his missions.