Quest Line: Spiritual Fanaticism


Diva Tee
A lady in her 20s who always seems to stand as if she's ready to be a model. Has fallen for Maxwell, seemingly due to his money.

Idris Kashuli
The High Spirit Guide of The Great Temple. In his late 60s, the man is exceptionally difficult to look at with wrinkles that seem to fold over themselves. It's difficult to tell if he's actually looking at you.

Idris is a bloodmage who was helping a mysterious benefactor replace people's bodies with spirits.

Idwal Kashuli
​​​Eldest son of Idris, ​​​​a monk in his late 20s covered in brilliant tattoos all over his arms and chest. Was helping his father with his enlightenment plan only to betray him when he had reservations against his father's process.

Kalea Rey
A young monk who has been placed into the guidance by a mysterious woman. 

Quest Line: Spiritual Fanaticism

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