Ruleset: Combat


Elemental Effects and Barriers

With magic tied to the elements I wanted to introduce the Generating and Destructive Cycles of the Wu Xing. As such each element has their own weaknesses and resistances. These weaknesses and resistances will only be applied to barriers and materials associated with an element.


Barriers are element-associated hit points that rejuvenate completely after 5 minutes of rest. They are the first line of defence to a character’s defences, often taking damage first before any other damage is applied to the character. Barriers are associated with the primary element of the character and as such are affected by the weaknesses and resistances of the element.

When a barrier is destroyed by damage, any additional damage does not roll over into hit point damage. For example, if a target with 2 barrier is hit by an attack that deals 6 damage, the barrier takes 2 damage and is immediately destroyed while the rest of the damage is not taken. 

In addition, anything that grants temporary hit points now add to the barrier. As such barriers can go above their maximum, but only temporarily.

Barriers are gained through classes. Details on the amount of barrier a character gains can be found on the Modified Class List section.

Wood Effects
Weak to Metal. Resistant to Wood. Healed by Water.
- Generates Fire by feeding it. Heals Fire barriers.
- Destroys Earth by parting it. Is effective versus Earth barriers.

Fire Effects
Weak to Water. Resistant to Fire. Healed by Wood.
- Generates Earth by producing it. Heals Earth barriers.
- Destroys Metal by melting it. Is effective versus Metal barriers.

Earth Effects
Weak to Wood. Resistant to Earth. Healed by Fire.
- Generates Metal by bearing it. Heals Metal barriers.
- Destroys Water by absorbing it. Is effective versus Water barriers.

Metal Effects

Weak to Fire. Resistant to Metal. Healed by Earth.
- Generates Water by enriching it. Heals Water barriers.
- Destroys Wood by chopping it. Is effective versus Wood barriers.

Water Effects

Weak to Earth. Resistant to Water. Healed by Metal.
- Generates Wood by nourishing it. Heals Wood barriers.
- Destroys Fire by extinguishing it. Is effective versus Fire barriers.


Resistance Level

Some effects cause a new term called resistance level to go up or down. Resistance now works on a sliding level and can be increased or reduced by various effects. When it goes up, it goes up by one stage on Resistance and vice versa.

Resistance levels work as follows:

Healed: The highest form of resistance. When a creature takes damage of a type they have heal to the damage is halved and instead heals. This type of resistance only applies to barriers.

Resistance: When a creature takes damage of a type they have resistance to the damage is halved.

Neutral: When a creature takes damage of a type they are neutral to the damage is unmodified.

Weakness: The lowest form of resistance. When a creature takes damage of a type they have a weakness to the damage is doubled.


Falling Damage

When you take falling damage and have a barrier, you take full damage to your barrier from the fall. Any remaining damage is quartered and taken to your HP

Ruleset: Combat

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