Ruleset: Lifestyles


Lifestyle Categories

Lifestyles come in three forms, Residence, Neighbourhood, and Downtime. The first two represent the quality of the place you call home and its associated location, while the latter represents what you do when you’re not performing adventuring work.



This section is all about making your house a home. This doesn’t just mean the size of your building but includes the quality and quantity of furnishings, interior design, artwork, household conveniences, and quality of food.

Residence comes in several categories to represent the quality of life a character lives at. More expensive housing means a bigger home and more luxurious living arrangements.

All the prices listed are in weekly payments with the intention being that they represent the cost of rent. To determine purchase value, multiply the weekly payment value by 200.

Each residence type also includes a number of expansion slots. Expansion represents space in your residence that does not serve a dedicated purpose like a kitchen or a washroom would. As such you can fill the space with whatever you wish. Expansions can be found in the Expansions section.


Residence Qualities

Residence Expansion Slots Cost
Street 0 0 Jin
Poor 1 600 Jin
Low 2 1,200 Jin
Middle 3 2,400 Jin
High 4 4,200 Jin
Aristocratic 6 8,800 Jin
Luxury 8 20,000 Jin

Street. Comfort? You might have found an alleyway with an overhead balcony that keeps out just enough rain that you can sleep at night. All that you own is on your person at all times because you have no where else to store it.

Poor. You can't really call the place you're in anything but small and dingy. You can fit one guest inside, maybe two if they're tiny or don't mind squeezing. Furniture might look like simple crates while your bed is a mattress on the floor.

Low. Your kitchen space isn't shared with the living space. The bedroom is small but you can fit a normal sized bed in here. While the quality of the building isn't quite up to modern quality standards it's by no means unlivable.

Middle. Your home is of a reasonable size with plenty of space to fit whatever household accessories you may need. Your furniture isn't bought secondhand but also isn't exactly works of art either. You can live comfortably in this space and in a good neighborhood with little fear of vandalism or crime.

High. Your home is larger than most. Everything in your home matches and is decorated to exactly what you want. Your furniture is well crafted and expensive and its hard to come back to your home and not feel comfortable.

Aristocratic Nobility comes with its perks and even if you aren't one you're living like it. Your residence overlooks your district or is so large it's difficult to not find space for whatever you desire.

Luxury. Its hard to call your home anything less than a mansion. Everything you own is top quality and most of it are personalized to your own tastes and desires. You live in the lap of luxury and its hard to see how you could ever struggle with anything financially.



Real estate wisdom through the ages has held that the most value is in location, location, location. Your type of residence will limit your district and borough choice as some neighbourhoods simply can’t or won’t accommodate your choice of housing.

Neighbourhoods affect what entertainment and services are available to you and which ones are far enough away that you’ll need to pay steeper travel fees to enjoy. They also add a small fee to your weekly payments so keep these in mind when choosing which district you would like to live.

Each neighborhood listing includes the quality of residence the location supports. It’s possible to be outside of these ranges however you will have much more difficulty in finding a location that will accomodate such a residence type. Street residence level can be found everywhere, however at different degrees of difficulty – higher class residences generally do not want street level people living near them. Speak with your DM over how you get by on a Street residence level in the location you choose.

Each neighborhood also has its own taxes per week. This does not apply to you if you choose a Street Level residence.


Minervan Neighbourhoods

Below are some neighbourhoods that exist within the city of Minerva. Each of the five boroughs have a set of districts where each of the neighborhoods are based. They have their own taxes as well based on the type of buildings allowed in the district.


Location Residence Tax /Week
Aldejove, Io Poor – Middle 150J
Aldejove, Europa Low – High 150J
Aldejove, Calisto Aristocratic – Luxury 1,800J
Aldejove, Ganymede None 0J
Metis, Amalthea Poor – Low 400J
Metis, Andrastea Low – High 400J
Metis, Thebe Poor – Middle 150J
Vulcan, Sabine None 1,000J
Vulcan, Etrusca High – Luxury 1,500J
Vulcan, Hephaes Low – Middle 400J
Vulcan, Martius Low – Middle 400J
Arachos, Lydia None 1,000J
Arachos, Metash Poor – Low 150J
Arachos, Phoses Low – High 400J
Arachos, Ovid Low – Middle 150J
Janus, Pater Low – High 400J
Janus, Geminus Middle – Aristocratic 1,500J
Janus, Iunon High – Luxury 1,800J
Wilds None 0J

Aldejove Districts

Aldejove is built upon the old city Jupiter and as such contains both buildings old and new. It is a varied location that is still being claimed up by different people and organizations throughout all of Minerva.

Io District

Points of Interest. Tan Suo Exploration Guild
The closest district to the centre of Minerva, this district is a complicated mesh of merchants trying to setup commercial guilds and low income residential areas to house the people that work in this area. Apartments in the area are small but as some say, "have character", as they were built from the ruins of the buildings in the old city. This district is home to the Tan Suo guild as it took a large amount of land for clearing the old city.

Europa District

Points of Interest. Titan Mining Corporation
This district takes up much of the central and northern parts of Aldejove. The area was snatched up by current guilds looking to expand but due to the fertility of the land and pre-existing farmland it now shares agricultural production. Due to its close proximity to the mountains of Khembalung, there is also a gate to lead out of the city to a quarry zone deemed safe enough to mine. From here the stone and ore are transported to different parts of the city. Some residential areas exist within Europa ranging from lower income to middle class housing.

Calisto District

Points of Interest. Seaview Galda Resort
Taking up the entire eastern coast, the Callisto district is an entirely residential district aimed for the wealthy. The area was entirely flattened with long rolling hills and a brilliant view of the ocean. The land was snatched up by the Taitus Corporation when the land went up for purchase and construction for high income housing and mansions immediately began. Security is tight here and only the elite of the city take residence here.

Ganymede District

Points of Interest. Jupiter Museum
Located to the north west, this district is largely untouched. The area was largely left intact since the fall of Jupiter and as such there are many people fighting over the land. Some wish to keep it intact for historical purposes, others wish to lay claim to it to transform it into more land for the city.


Metis Districts

It’s residential areas are mostly low and average income housing to help house the many students for cheap. The area is almost entirely apartments with small houses dotting the areas in between where several people will often rent together.

Amalthea District

Points of Interest. The Ivory Tower
Containing the northern gate, this is the first district most newcomers will see when arriving in Minerva. It is the largest shopping district in the city with many guilds setting up shop here for visitors to spend money. There are residential areas here but they are entirely small apartments with high prices attached to them.

Andrastea District

Points of Interest. Great Temple of Andrastea
Located towards the west, this district is the oldest location within Metis. It holds the Great Temple of Andrastea initially used for communion with the old gods. The old gods have been replaced with spirit worship, and by association their study, in modern times. The district's residential areas are mostly small houses either privately owned or rented out en masse by mostly academics in the city.

Thebe District

Points of Interest. Magician's College of Metis, Library of Thebe
Home of the Magician’s College of Metis, the Thebe district is the most densely populated district in all of Minerva occupying the south eastern half of the borough. People from across the continent come here to study in what is deemed the most prestigious school in the world. The residential area is filled with both low and moderate income college dorms and apartment complexes. The residential areas closest to the college are well known for being well maintained and get worse as buildings get farther from the college proper.


Vulcan Districts

Vulcan resides on the eastern side of Minerva and is still known for its metal smithing guilds as equally as its fishing and trade guilds. It is also home to the Minervan Guard Headquarters and the Naval Fleet of Minerva.

Sabine District

Points of Interest. Oceanus Fisheries
Taking up a long strip to the east, the Sabine district resides next to the eastern ocean. Docks with Guard Towers at each one dot the entire length of the district where boats come and leave at all hours of the day. It is difficult to find a dock that isn’t in use as the port has become one of the best ways to travel to other cities along the coast. Spirits possessing great oceanic beast and attacking the port are rare and the guard towers are there to quickly dispatch anything that would come up before any damage becomes uncontrollable. However, because of the risks involved in harbour life the docks are made cheaply, wares are quickly moved from the harbour, and the district doesn’t contain much in line of residential areas with the occasional dock building holding a few beds for tired crewmen.

Etrusca District

Points of Interest. Minervan Guard Headquarters
Located to the north and western parts of the borough, the Etrusca district is the closest to the borough of Janus. It holds the Minervan Guard Headquarters where new recruits perform their training, officers are placed in different districts, and where communication with the city office and all the district guard towers are sent. This district prides itself on the lowest crime rate in the entire city, somewhat understandably due to the proximity to the Guard’s Headquarters. Residential buildings in this district are mostly high end apartments and condominiums with several shopping areas scattered in between.

Hephaes District

Points of Interest. Taitus Corporation Ore Refinery
The largest district in Vulcan takes up most of the south as the city’s refineries smelt ore and form stone into more usable forms. In old times the city would get their ore from the mountains of Khembalung to the north via sea route. But now that Aldejove has been opened up there is far easier access to the mountain range and transportation now comes in via the train. The residential areas in the area are located not far from the refineries as many town houses have been created for workers to rent from the guilds.

Martius District

Points of Interest. Taitus Corporation Steel Craft
The refined ore from the Hephaes district usually makes its way northward to the Martius’ district’s plentiful craftsmen guilds and shops. The area’s residences are similar to Hephaes with similar style housing and neighbourhoods.


Arachos Districts

The districts within Arachos are filled with colourful people eager to lay back and enjoy the world as it is. The smell of Jazz, an inhalant, permeates the alleys and in some of the poorer districts the streets themselves.

Lydia District

Points of Interest. Lydian Theatre, Vesta Casino, Priapus Private Escorts, Lucky Plume Casino
At the north of the district lies the Lydia district, the smallest district in Arachos. Here the Lydian Theatre resides where plays are performed once a week by a rotating set of troupes and playwrights. Other than the theatre, various shops and restaurants make business in the pleasure industry. Only the best street artists dare touch this part of the district out of respect (or fear) for the guilds that run the show here. There are no residential areas here, only hotels and other temporary accommodations.

Metash District

Points of Interest. Production (Cooking)
Located in the western portion of the borough are a few guilds that produce consumable goods. Bakeries, distilleries, and other such industries can be found here where the people of the Phoses and Metash district typically work. The Metash district has several small apartment complexes that aren’t well maintained. It is easy to call this district entirely a slum.

Phoses District

Points of Interest. Celadon Bakeries
South of the Metash district, it is easy to simply call this the residential sector. There are no apartment complexes in Phoses, only houses of varying sizes from the small communities to the huge privately owned pieces of land.

Ovid District

Points of Interest. Vesta Farms
The largest district in Arachos taking up two thirds of its land is the Ovid district. It is entirely farmland and houses for the farmers. The Ovid district is distinct in that all of the farms have managed to remain privately owned as each farm is not run under the jurisdiction of any guild.


Janus Districts

Janus connects to every other borough making it almost necessary to pass through in order to get to any other district. As such its districts closest to each of the boroughs tend to have their cultures bleed into Janus’ districts.

Pater District

Points of Interest. Fortune Telling Camps, Production (Crafts)
Located to the south west, this district rests between the walls of Metis and Arachos. This district is one of the youngest as it was created when Metis and Arachos joined Janus to create Minerva. The district is mostly low income residential areas with a mesh of apartments and small houses focused around some craftsmen guilds who send their wares to Metis’ shopping district. This district’s close proximity to Thebe and Metash has created a unique experience of hallucinatory spirit vision quests in the area with many fortune tellers taking advantage of it. This form of fortune telling is slowly making its way into both districts.

Geminus District

Points of Interest. Voyage Papers, Rhodes Sport Plaza, Warden Industries
Slightly North of the Pater district and Arachos is the Germinus district. This district was once farmland but now contains the borough’s highest concentration of craftsmen guilds, shops, and entertainment. Perhaps the most notable destination in Geminus is the large stadium, the Rhodes Sport Plaza. The districts residential areas are apartment and business complexes rising higher than any other part of the city.

Iunon District

Points of Interest. Minerva City Hall
To the north of Janus is the city’s government buildings and upper class citizens. Mansions and high class condos fill the area with expensive, beautiful parks dotting the area. The district is one of the best maintained in the city with gated neighbourhoods and privatized security patrolling the streets. The city’s elected officials meet at the City Hall to make decisions on the city’s direction.



Not every day in life is an adventure and sometimes it’s time that needs to be killed. Depending on where they are, a character has plenty of things they could be doing to improve themselves, meet people, or just relax and have fun.

Most downtime activities require an amount of resources. Usually it’s a combination of both time and money, with most activities assuming that they take the better part of a day to complete.

Downtime activities also include a resolution, usually determined by a skill check with a DC of some sort. Follow what is listed as the resolution to determine the course of action.

When you have downtime choose one of the activities below to perform as appropriate to your location.



Carousing is a default downtime activity for many characters. Between adventures, who doesn’t want to relax with a few drinks and a group of friends at a tavern?

Resources. Carousing covers a day of fine food, drinks, and socializing. A character can attempt to carouse among the lower, middle, or upper class folk depending on their location. A day of carousing with the lower class costs around 100 Jin, the middle class 500 J, and 2500 J with the upper class.

Resolution. Each day you carouse you have a chance to make new contacts at the location. You may be asked to make a Charisma (Persuasion) check to determine how successful you have been with making contacts.



Sometimes it pays to be bad. This activity gives a char— acter the chance to make some extra cash, at the risk of arrest.

Resources. A character must spend five days and at least 2500 J gathering information on potential targets before committing the intended crime.

Resolution. The character must make a series of checks, with the DC based on the chosen difficulty made by the character according to the amount of profit sought from the crime.

Check Reward
Simple 2500J – 5000J
Advanced 5000J – 10,000J
Challenging 10,000J – 20,000J
Dangerous 30,000J – 50,000J

The chosen difficulty can be Simple, Advanced, Challenging, or Dangerous. Successful completion of the crime yields profit as shown on the Loot Value Table below.

To attempt the crime the character must make 3 skill checks: Dexterity (Stealth), Dexterity (Thieve’s Tools), and the player’s choice of Intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Perception), or Charisma (Deception) depending on the crime.

If none of the checks are successful, the character is caught and jailed. Fines and jail time vary based on the location.

If only one check is successful, the crime fails but the character escapes without penalty.

If two checks are successful, the character receives half the payout.

If three checks are successful, the character earns the full payout of the loot.



Games of chance are a way to make a fortune – and perhaps a better way to lose one.

Resources. This activity requests one day and a stake of at least 100 J.

Resolution. The character must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the competition that the character runs into. Part of the risk of gambling is that one never knows who might end up sitting across the table.

The character makes four checks: Wisdom (Insight), Intelligence (Investigation), Charisma (Deception), and Charisma (Intimidation). If the character has proficiency with an appropriate gaming set, that tool proficiency can replace the relevant skill in any of the checks.


Pit Fighting

Pit Fighting includes boxing, wrestling, and other nonlethal forms of combat in an organized setting with predetermined matches.

Resources. Engaging in this activity requires five days of preparation for the match. You may perform other downtime activities during the week however you risk penalties for any downtime activity other than Carousing, Relaxation, or Research.

Resolution. The character must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the opposition that the character runs into. A big part of the challenge in put fighting lies in the unknown nature of a character’s opponents.

The character makes three checks: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), and a Constitution check. If desired, the character can replace one of these skill checks with an attack roll using one of the character’s weapons. If you performed any activity other than Carousing, Relaxation, or Research during the five days of preparation you perform the checks at disadvantage.

The number of successes you gain determine your earnings for your bouts. Usually prize earnings are between 2,000J and 10,000J



Sometimes the best thing to do between adventures is relax. Whether a character wants a hard-earned vacation or needs to recover from injuries, relaxation is the ideal option for adventurers who need a break.

Resources. Relaxation just requires one day.

Resolution. While relaxing, a character gains advantage on saving throws to recover from long-acting diseases and poisons. In addition, you regain 1 additional hit point at the end of that day’s long rest.


Religious Service

Characters with a religious bent might want to spend downtime in service to a temple, either by attending rites or by proselytizing in the community. Someone who undertakes this activity has a chance of winning the favor of a temple’s leaders or a powerful patron.

Resources. Performing religious service requires access to, and often attendance at, a temple whose beliefs and ethos align with the character’s. If such a place is available, the activity takes five days of time, but involves no monetary expenditure.

Resolution. At the end of the required time, the character chooses to make either an Intelligence (Religion) check or a Charisma (Performance) check. The total of the check determines if you earn any favours and from whom.



Forewarned is forearmed. The research downtime activity allows a character to delve into lore discerning a creature, a location, a person of interest, or some other particular topic.

Resources. Typically, a character needs access to a library or a sage to conduct research. Assuming such access is available, conducting research requires five days of effort and at least 5,000 Jin spent on materials, bribes, gifts, and other expenses.

Resolution. The character declares the focus of the research – a specific person, place, or thing. After five days of research, the character makes an Intelligence check with a +1 bonus per 2,000 Jin spent in excess of the base expenditure, to a maximum of +6. Your result determines how many pieces of relevant lore you receive from your research



Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, a character can learn a language, pick up proficiency with a tool, or learn a new spell. This section focuses on these three options, but specialized options are available where a character can even acquire greater training in skills and profession. See the Expert Training section for more information on specialized training.

Resources. Receiving training in a language or tool typically takes at least 60 days, but this time is reduced by a number of days equal to the character’s intelligence modifier x4. This type of training costs 500 Jin per day.

Learning a new spell is determined on the type of caster that is learning the spell. See the Spells Known section for more information. There is no added cost for innate casters to learn new spells, however trained spellcasters can hire trainers for 500 J per day or purchase a detailed training book for 3000 J.

Resolution. You learn the language, tool, or spell you were trying to learn.



When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. This activity represents a character’s attempt to find temporary work, the quality and wages of which are difficult to predict.

Resources. Performing a job requires five days of effort.

Resolution. To determine how much money a character earns, the character makes an ability check. Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Your check total determines how much money is generated, ranging from 500 J to 5,000 J.

Ruleset: Lifestyles

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