Ruleset: Lifestyles



Being a more modern setting, I felt it would be interesting to develop more into the realm of how life runs in the city and how your characters live in this setting. So, borrowing from one of my favourite aspects of Shadowrun I present the lifestyle system.

Lifestyles are how your character lives when they’re not out adventuring and performing missions. It’s where they live, it’s what they do for a living outside of the exploration guild, and it’s what they do on their downtime away from work. It’s important to balance out aspects of work, entertainment, and just plain living.



When you’re not out adventuring you need time to fill out your off time. Perhaps you fill your time by working so that you can have some extra spending money. Maybe you prefer to relax and entertain yourself in the city’s many leisure opportunities. Or maybe you decide to train your skills so that you’re more prepared for the future. Whatever you do, you only have so much time to spend on activities.



Before a new adventure starts in the exploration guild, you will be given 5 days before the next adventure begins. You use these days to fill up your character’s schedule with an activity they do on each day and night.


Activity Categories

There are several categories of activities a character could partake in each one having slightly different rules from each other.



Activities can be performed at any time without limitations beyond a possible Jin cost. Many activities affect comfort in a positive way.



Training is where the real meat of the weekly events come in. You can only take one training session per day, always cost an amount of Jin, and an amount of comfort. In exchange you receive some kind of effect that you can take advantage of in the next adventure. These are temporary bonuses and only are in effect during a game session.

Many training activities have additional benefits when taken again multiple times in a week. You can determine what effect you get each day by looking at the activity listing. Some effects require a prerequisite in order to receive the effect. Effect listings will show a number in between two square brackets (1) to indicate on what day you receive the effect.



Challenges are special activities that require you to make a skill check to determine the results of the activity. The DC of the challenge usually has a degree of randomness associated with it.



Jobs are like challenges except:
The reward is always Jin.
The DC is always 10 with a maximum bonus of 20.
Jobs have a maximum number of days they can be performed.
Jobs rotate out each week.



Backgrounds are only available to characters with certain backgrounds. They act as a combination of training, jobs, and challenges giving the user training and jin in the same activity.

Like jobs, backgrounds have a maximum number of days they can be performed. Like challenges the DC can range from easy to difficult but are never randomized. And like training they always grant a specific effect when performed on multiple days. They do not share training's one activity per day restriction.



Some activities are proceeded with a S-. These are special activities that are only available for that week. They'll rotate out with each adventure.



A character develops fatigue as they adventure on and do various jobs, so being able to mitigate that is always important. Comfort is a measure of a character’s ability to persevere against exhaustion. It carries over every day and can only be recovered via lifestyle. Different levels in the Lifestyle categories can increase or decrease fatigue by varying amounts.

A character’s Comfort Value is calculated as:

Comfort Score = 10 + Constitution Score + Wisdom Score

When Fatigue drops below a certain number you gain an amount of exhaustion. This exhaustion amount is in addition to whatever exhaustion your character has accrued. For example, a Berserker Barbarian who performs a Frenzy when at a Fatigue of 19 will have an exhaustion level of 2.

A character’s fatigue value and the exhaustion level it gives can be found below.

Comfort and Exhaustion

Comfort Value Exhaustion Level Effect
21+ 0 No effect
17 – 20 1 Disadvantage on ability checks
13 – 16 2 Speed halved
9 – 12 3 Disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws
5 – 8 4 Hit point maximum halved
1 – 4 5 Speed reduced to 0
0 6 Death


Life Style Categories

Lifestyles come in a variety of categories, Necessities, Residence, Neighbourhood, Entertainment, and Services.

You must select an option from Necessities, Residence, and Neighbourhood.



Food, clothing, and water—or in some people’s cases, whiskey and a smoke—are daily necessities, not only to survive, but to properly live. Necessities come in a few different categories, each one providing a different amount of comfort to your character.

Each Necessity will cover your character for one week and can easily be changed each week.

Necessity Types

Malnourished Squalid Modest
It's a tough week. You've managed to scavenge what you could either by taking some free or "free" samples here and there, and water's easy enough to come by. But it's by no means adequate. You're living on a budget and a meager one at that. At least you've got enough to make the stomach stop growling so much. You can buy groceries for the week. You need to cook for yourself but you can be guaranteed a good filling meal every day.
Comfort: -3 Comfort: -1 Comfort: 0
Cost: 0 Jin Cost: 100 Jin Cost: 500 Jin
Comfortable Exquisite  
You have options. The ingredients you buy are a little higher quality. Or if you're not much for cooking you can spend some cash to eat out. Who has time to cook a meal when it can be prepared by those with more skill than you could ever muster. You deserve the best and the food you eat shows it.  
Comfort: +1 Comfort: +2  
Cost: 1500 Jin Cost: 4,000 Jin  



This section is all about making your house a home. This doesn’t just mean the size of your building but includes the quality and quantity of furnishings, interior design, artwork, and household conveniences.

Similar to the Necessities above, Residence come in several categories. However, unlike necessities it is more difficult to change your living arrangements.

Residences also have two cost types. It is assumed most of you will be renters and paying the cost per week. However if you wish and have the funds you can purchase the residence itself at the purchase price amount.


Street Village Poor
Comfort? You might have found an alleyway with an overhead balcony that keeps out just enough rain that you can sleep at night. All that you own is on your person at all times because you have no where else to store it. Instead of living in the cities you've decided that its far nicer to get away from the busy life and live in the smaller settlements. Sure you don't get the same comforts of the city but at least the laws are more lenient. You are capable though so you do have to help fend off some of the more nasty creatures that come by. You can't really call the place you're in anything but small and dingy. You can fit one guest inside, maybe two if they're tiny or don't mind squeezing. Furniture might look like simple crates while your bed is a mattress on the floor.
Comfort: -1 Comfort: -2 Comfort: 0
Cost per week: 0 Jin Cost per week: 300 Jin Cost per week: 300 Jin
Purchase Cost: 0 Jin Purchase Cost: 120,000 Jin Purchase Cost: 120,000 Jin
Expansion: 0 Expansion: 2 Expansion: 1
Low Middle Upper Middle
Your kitchen space isn't shared with the living space. The bedroom is small but you can fit a normal sized bed in here. While the quality of the building isn't quite up to modern quality standards it's by no means unlivable. Your home is of a reasonable size with plenty of space to fit whatever household accessories you may need. Your furniture isn't bought secondhand but also isn't exactly works of art either. You can live comfortably in this space and in a good neighborhood with little fear of vandalism or crime. Slightly larger than Middle-class homes, you have significantly more comforts available to you. Furniture is well made and matches.
Comfort: 0 Comfort: 0 Comfort: +1
Cost per week: 800 Jin Cost per week: 1,500 Jin Cost per week: 3,500 Jin
Purchase Cost: 240,000 Jin Purchase Cost: 600,000 Jin Purchase Cost: 1,400,000 Jin
Expansion: 2 Expansion: 3 Expansion: 5
High Aristocratic Luxury
Your home is larger than most. Everything in your home matches and is decorated to exactly what you want. Your furniture is well crafted and expensive and its hard to come back to your home and not feel comfortable. Nobility comes with its perks and even if you aren't one you're living like it. Your residence overlooks your district or is so large it's difficult to not find space for whatever you desire. Its hard to call your home anything less than a mansion. Everything you own is top quality and most of it are personalized to your own tastes and desires. You live in the lap of luxury and its hard to see how you could ever struggle with anything financially.
Comfort: +1 Comfort: +1 Comfort: +1
Cost per week: 10,000 Jin Cost per week: 40,000 Jin Cost per week: 125,000 Jin
Purchase Cost: 4,000,000 Jin Purchase Cost: 12,000,000 Jin Purchase Cost: 50,000,000 Jin
Expansion: 7 Expansion: 9 Expansion: 12



Real estate wisdom through the ages has held that the ut- most value is in location, location, location. Your type of residence will limit your district and borough choice as some neighbourhoods simply can’t or won’t accommodate your choice of housing.

Neighbourhoods affect what entertainment and services are available to you and which ones are far enough away that you’ll need to pay steeper travel fees to enjoy. They also add a small fee to your weekly payments so keep these in mind when choosing which district you would like to live.

Location Residence Tax /Week Points of Interest
Aldejove, Io Poor – Upper Middle -J 150 Tan Suo Exploration Guild
Aldejove, Europa Low – High -J 150 Titan Mining Corporation
Aldejove, Calisto Aristocratic – Luxury -J 1,800  
Aldejove, Ganymede None J 0 Jupiter Museum
Metis, Amalthea Poor – Low -J 400 The Ivory Tower (Bar)
Metis, Andrastea Low – High -J 400 Great Temple of Andrastea
Metis, Thebe Poor – Upper Middle -J 150 Magician's College of Metis
Library of Thebe
Vulcan, Sabine None -J 1,000 Oceanus Fisheries
Vulcan, Etrusca Upper Middle – Luxury -J 1,500 Minervan Guard Headquarters
Vulcan, Hephaes Low – Upper Middle -J 400 Taitus Corporation Ore Refinery
Vulcan, Martius Low – Upper Middle -J 400 Taitus Corporation Steel Craft
Arachos, Lydia None -J 1,000 Lydian Theatre
Vesta Casino
Priapus Private Escorts
Arachos, Metash Poor – Low -J 150 Production (Cooking)
Arachos, Phoses Low – High -J 400  
Arachos, Ovid Low – Middle -J 150 Vesta Farms
Janus, Pater Low – High -J 400 Fortune Telling Camps
Production (Crafts)
Janus, Geminus Middle – Aristocratic -J 1,500 Voyage Papers
Rhodes Sport Plaza
Warden Industries
Janus, Iunon High – Luxury -J 1,800 Minerva City Hall
Wilds Village -J 50 Places


Residence Expansions

A house is just a place for shelter and warmth. It doesn't really become a home until you start personalizing it to your tastes and needs. This is where Residence Expansions come in.

Every residence expansion has some sort of bonus associated with it. You gain these benefits as long as you've been living at the residence for 5 days prior to the next adventure.

Most expansions have three forms of costs: a base Jin cost, an expansion point cost, and a weekly cost. The base Jin cost represents the initial installation fees to bring this expansion into your home. The expansion cost represents the amount of space it takes within your home (and lets face it, an arbitrary point value for game sake). Your residence type determines how many expansion points you can spend on your residence. The weekly cost usually represents maintenance costs and trainers.

Improved Furniture
Increase your comfort level by making all your furniture just a little higher quality.

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

Increase comfort by 1 each week
Your home has a small plot of land or a couple of pots of dirt to grow vegetables to accentuate daily meals.

Base Cost: -J 5,000
Weekly Cost: J 200
Expansion: 1

Decrease cost of necessities by 200 Jin
Personal Gym
With a gym of your own you no longer need to deal with outside training.

Base Cost: -J 500,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 2

Gain a +2 bonus to Athletics and Acrobatics
Expanded Gym: Defense
Enjoy personalized defensive training with an expanded gym and a trainer to help improve yourself.

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 500
Expansion: 1

Requires the Gym Expansion

Gain a +1 bonus to AC and Saving Throws
Expanded Gym: Attack
Enjoy personalized attack training with an expanded gym and a trainer to help improve yourself.

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 500
Expansion: 1

Requires the Gym Expansion

Gain a +1 bonus to Attack and Damage rolls
Expanded Gym: Reflexes
Enjoy personalized reflex training with an expanded gym and a trainer to help improve yourself.

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 500
Expansion: 1

Requires the Gym Expansion

Gain advantage on Initiative Checks and Perception checks to avoid being surprised
Expanded Gym: Climbing
A rock wall is added to your gym to enhance your climbing ability

Base Cost: -J 300,000
Weekly Cost: -J 500
Expansion: 1

Requires the Gym Expansion

Your climb speed becomes equal to your walking speed or increases by 10 ft.
A personal library for study and relaxation.

Base Cost: -J 500,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 2

Increase comfort by 1 each week.

Gain a +2 bonus to one of the following skills: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion
Expanded Library: Skills
Expand your library with additional books for study.

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

Requires the Library Expansion.

Choose a skill from the library skills you did not choose with library or expanded library. Gain a +2 bonus to the selected skill.

This expansion can be purchased multiple times applying to a different skill each time.
Brew potions and create poultices with this at home apothecary.

Base Cost: -J 500,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

Allows you to use potion and poultice recipes. Creating a consumable with a recipe costs half the normal cost of the item that is created.
Panic Room
When there's an invader on the loose in your home its nice to know you'll have a safe haven to protect yourself from harm.

Base Cost: -J 180,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

You have a room where you can enter and be in safety while at home. DC 30 to pick the lock to enter the room. You also increase comfort by 1 each week.
Store travel carts in your own personal garage

Base Cost: -J 150,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

You can store a personal vehicle within this garrage.
Swimming Pool
A private swimming pool for training and leisure

Base Cost: -J 420,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

Your swim speed becomes equal to your walking speed or increases by 10 ft.
Sensory Depravation Room
A room where you can only hear your own voice. A perfect place for concentration

Base Cost: -J 250,000
Weekly Cost: -J 50
Expansion: 1

Gain a +2 bonus to Spell Concentration checks


Ruleset: Lifestyles

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