Setting: Exploration Guilds


Exploration Guilds

Exploration guilds were once one of the most important guilds in operation. Their goals were simple, explore the lands outside of the cities to find whatever they can of value. Natural resource locations can be sold to governments or powerful people to help create new cities or expand borders. And treasures from civilizations long gone can be retrieved to sell as information for those expanding in technology or simple treasure collectors.

In more recent times they’ve fallen into near irrelevance. Most of the land of value has been found and expanded within while the prospects of treasures have always been rare. As such, those who stay within these guilds are often thrill seekers, eager to go to the areas others wouldn’t for reasons of danger or difficulty in accessibility. 

The Exploration Guilds are often known to possess some of the strongest and most clever warriors as necessarily required for those who venture into the wilds. As such many exploration guilds now allow their members to act as mercenaries working as guards or guides when passage through the wilds is necessary. 

Tan Suo and Player Characters

The Exploration Guild Tan Suo is one of the largest known guilds of its type with bases of operation in four other cities. Named after a phrase found in the ruins of an ancient city lost to time, Tan Suo has had gained much respect from many communities. This reverence is likely one of the contributing factors as to how it’s still one of the remaining guilds of its kind.

However, like every other exploration guild, it has fallen onto tough times. Over the last decade it has closed its doors in two of its cities and many of its members have left for other opportunities. 

This is where the players come in. They are one of the few remaining members of Tan Suo, stationed in one of the largest cities known, Minerva. As a player you are required to answer one question, why are you a member of Tan Suo? This can be anything you think would be appropriate. Maybe your ancestry binds you to this way of life and a sense of duty keeps you here. Perhaps you are just another thrill seeker waiting for an opportunity to be sent off on a new adventure. Or maybe you just want an opportunity to leave the cities’ tedium yet know better than to roam the wilds forever.

Setting: Exploration Guilds

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