Setting: Minerva


Minerva, The Coastal City

Of the five major cities, Minerva is known for its love of art and theatre. Those with a bend towards creation and a vivid imagination tend to flock here as Minerva is consistently at the forefront of new technologies and art.

Craftsmen can join in the success of the plentiful artisan guilds with focuses in just about every possible skilled labour. Minerva is often known for its developing technologies which start in the famous guilds of Minerva.

The city is also famous for it’s Magician’s College of Metis. The MCM was created by aged explorers from the Exploration Guilds who wished to teach their findings to the next generation and prepare them for further exploration of the realm. But that was in times of old. Now magic is simply studied here as new developments in magic have a focus on creation to aid in the craftsman’s guilds of the city.



There are a few ways to get around in Minerva. The most used method is to hire one of the many cart drivers in the city to carry you to your destination. Just about every cart driver is employed by one of three guilds, Janus Dispatch, QuicKart, or Marathon. Most are pulled by soul or power wielding mages that can use their magic to quicken their pace and get you where you need to be faster than walking ever could. Rarer are the people who are naturally fast and strong and can pull the carts without any additional help.

But if you’re really looking to get around the city fast you might want to consider the train. There are two trains that run within Minerva, one around the inner perimeter of Minerva’s outer wall and the other cutting halfway through the city from Metis to Vulcan. each going in opposite directions and run at specific periods throughout the day. They are used both for transportation of people and goods to other parts of the city. Each train has one or two stops in each of the boroughs where several cart drivers will eagerly take you where you need to be once you arrive at your closest stop.


The Boroughs

Being such a large city, it is often easiest to navigate the city in relation to its boroughs instead of all of Minerva itself. The city is divided into five main boroughs, Aldejove, Metis, Vulcan, Arachos, and Janus, each one running at its own speed and with its own unique culture.


Aldejove, The Old City

The largest borough of Minerva, Aldejove has two natural borders with the mountains to the north and the ocean to the east. Centuries ago Aldejove was known as Jupiter. A major city of its own, it fell into conflict with the city of Vulcan when each wished to expand into the same territory. War broke out but in the end finished in Vulan’s favour. The explorer’s guild of Vulcan had discovered powerful creatures called dinosaurs in Jupiter’s mountains and opened a path with a bomb that would lead the creatures to Jupiter’s city limits. The creatures were vicious by nature and stormed the city forcing its residents to flee as the giant lizards brought ruin to the city. Most of its citizens were killed due to the attack, either from the dinos themselves or from the monsters lurking outside of the city during their panicked fleeing.

The city is now merged into the great city of Minerva. Half a century ago an expedition was mounted to free the city’s land as the exploration guild Tan Suo was hired to chase the dinosaurs out of Jupiter’s walls. After their success a wall was erected to the north and the path leading into the mountains was closed off by powerful earth mages. The city was restored, renamed, and now stands as Aldejove.

Aldejove is a land known for its history with many people that can trace their ancestry back to the people of Jupiter as its descendants went to reinhabit their land of old. Artists with an interest in ancient architecture often come here for inspiration while upstart guilds are using its land to create new bases of operation. The land being so newly acquired is still trying to get some footing as to what it could be used for and is expected to rise up quickly to meet the demands of the city.


Metis, Gateway to Magic

The borough of Metis, located on north western side of the city, contains the youngest population in the city and hosts the famous Magician’s College of Metis. Many people that take residence here are students and scholars that either work at or attend the college. In addition to the Magician’s College, the district also holds the Great Temple, once a holy place of worship but now a location of study for the spirits that coexist in our realm. Other than the education centre this borough is well known for its shopping district and holds the northern gate exit to the city.


Vulcan, From Forge to Sea

Centuries ago, the city of Vulcan was known for its militant people, eager to expand their territory by any means necessary. They had started as fisherman but quickly expanded into the forge as its people had an unnaturally large amount of metal users. Its people were great fighters and experts in the craft of war, becoming famous by their win against the far larger and more expansive Jupiter.

Over hundreds of years of expansion the Vulcans eventually lost their place as many of their people went to the seas on expeditions for other lands only to never return. With Vulcan’s three closest cities, Metis, Janus, and Arachos, joining into one giant city, Vulcan’s remaining people felt their best way to survive wast to join in their alliance and form what would now be Minerva today.


Arachos, Artistry and Poverty

Located in the south, Arachos is the smallest borough of the five. The borough stands upon a large amount of fertile land and as such enjoys much in line of produce and food. Its plant production rivals no other borough in Minerva and the area has always enjoyed a more laid back and lax way of life. But while Arachos has an excellent food production industry it hasn’t much else. Guilds attempting to setup in the land find themselves rarely making enough production. It is difficult to expand in Arachos without conforming to its atmosphere. Some would say Arachos is filled with lazy hedonists that refuse to work and while it could have a valid argument it can’t be said that the borough doesn’t provide for the city.

Art and nature are at the forefront of the borough. You can’t walk more than a couple blocks without seeing a park or piece of natural beauty preserved and pristine. Its difficult to find a building without vivid paintings on their walls and if you do it won’t be for long. Some would call it vandalism (as in some cases it very much is) but even the Minervan Guard find difficulty in preventing it as there are too many street artists to stop.


Janus, Heart of the City

Taking up the western and central portion of Minerva, Janus is where Minerva initially began. The youngest of the boroughs, Janus began as a dream by a famous exploration guild’s leader, Quirinus Janus. Seeing the southern wall of Jupiter as an opportunity he claimed the land to the south and began construction of a new city. With low taxes, fertile land, and a prominent guild backing the city, several guilds took a chance on the city. The city expanded greatly from that day on.

When Vulcan looked to be making moves towards Arachos, the city of Janus took it as opportunity to form an alliance with Arachos. When Metis joined the alliance for protection and expanded resources with Arachos, it made sense to create a new city joining the three together. Minerva was created with Janus retaining leadership for the new city.

Janus is where the city of Minerva is run; all governing decisions are made here. In addition, it enjoys a strong commercial district and a wealthy residential district.

Setting: Minerva

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